Project Healing Waters – Frederick Program (Feb. 2021 Update)

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Project Healing Waters – Fort Detrick Chapter.

I will prepare and someday my chance will come.” — Abraham Lincoln. This quote pretty well sums up how the Project Healing Waters team felt in 2020.  But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Although 2020 threw lots of obstacles to everyday life at us, it  also presented us with one of the most important lessons of fly fishing: preparation.  

2020 enabled our group to take a step back and focus on those little things that can make or break your time on the water. We focused on tying as many different types of flies for the many types of water we plan on fishing in the not so distant future. We also focused on when, where, and how to fish them.  We consistently worked on improving our different casting strokes and which situations they work best in. 2021 may find us still preparing for the day that we can all get together, but that is not a bad thing, because someday, our chance will come. — Andrew Frutiger