Last Cast

I hope everybody is busy fishing as we transition from the spring to summer season. Many thanks to Don and Troy for their beginner’s fly tying. Just in time for the hatch, we learned how to tie the Cicada pattern. It was fun to tie. Afterwards I looked at it and asked myself, will this work? As the weeks went by and I didn’t hear any sounds, I was left wondering if they weren’t hatching in my area. All of a sudden – they were here! It started with a low hum, but as the weather heated the buzzing grew, and then they were everywhere.

I dutifully tied my fly, put it on the line, and went down to the water. To make a short story short: first cast – caught a nice rainbow. What a great feeling. So now, when I hear those cicadas sing, I think of PVFF! I’m already looking forward to 2038.

It was great to see everyone and meet some new members at the casting clinic. Nice to interact with the group and watch everyone bring up their game. We’re working on the fall schedule for meetings, fly tying, and other activities. One of the constraints we’re working through is that the places we usually meet, both the Church and High School, haven’t been open to outside groups, yet. So more to come on that.

The good news is that the Amvet’s Middletown Post is open, so we are holding our banquet there on October 23. Please put that date in your calendar and start thinking about any items that you would like to donate for our auction or bucket raffle. Hope to see you out on the waters soon!

By Andy Mekelburg