New Proposed DNR Regulations Affect Catoctin Creek

The Maryland Department of National Resources announced on July 27 that they are looking at four areas of regulation, including changing the boundary of the Delayed Harvest Area on Catoctin Creek, right above the bridge outside the Nature Center Park.

Visit the DNR online for more information about what the department is considering and how to submit comments. All comments must be received by 11:59 p.m. August 10, 2021.

If enacted, the department would move the boundary of the Delayed Harvest Area on Catoctin Creek in Frederick County from the boundary of Catoctin Creek Park at the Sumantown Road Bridge upstream 200 feet. According to the DNR this change is necessary as: “There have been enforcement issues in this area because upstream of the boundary is open year-round to the harvest of trout, while the delayed harvest area beginning at the bridge is closed to the harvest of trout from October 1 through May 31. Also, during that time period, a person may not use any natural or live bait, or any device enhanced with a scent and capable of catching fish in the delayed harvest area. After stocking, trout often reside under the bridge. By moving the special management line upstream of the bridge, anglers on both sides of the bridge will be fishing the area under the same rules.”

Let me know if you have comments on this proposal.