Tackle Tips: Keeping Your Fly Line Afloat

If you are fishing dry flies all day, the end of your fly line may eventually start to sink. This is usually caused by an accumulation of dirt or other debris. To keep your line floating, you can apply a thin coating of fly line floating on the last 8-10 feet of line. This is the same stuff that was used on the old silk lines to keep them floating. Waxed-based preparations (like Otter Butter) are preferable over grease-based mixtures (like the original Mucilin in the red tins) because they don’t attract and hold as much dirt and debris and thus keep your line floating longer. And if you are using fluorocarbon leaders, which have a tendency to sink, give them a coat as well.  Monofilament leaders are usually preferred when dry fly fishing for this reason.

By Kevin Haney