Annual Elections: Vote for 2022 Board Members

We will also be electing our board for the coming year at our December meeting. The Board consists of three directors, the immediate past president, and the elected officers of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Below are the positions, as identified in the bylaws, that will be up for nomination and voting:

President: Main responsibility is to be the executive officer and preside over all meetings of the Organization and the Board.

Vice President: Perform such other duties and responsibilities as usually pertain to such office or may be assigned by the President and Board of Directors;

Secretary: Keep the Organization books and records, keep minutes of meetings and submit all communications received by the Organization to the proper member;

Treasurer: Receive all funds paid to the club and promptly deposit them in the official depositories, disburse funds on order of the Board of Directors, maintain the Organization financial accounts and records;