Last Cast: Holiday Wishes and Let’s Go Fish

I write this article as we are in the middle of the holiday season. We change our focus from everyday things to family, food, and relaxation (unless you’re traveling).  However, fly fishing fits into that equation.

As reported, we had a great outing on November 22 to Catoctin Creek, where the group was able to share fellowship and fishing to kick off the season. I know some of you are off to fishing and family destinations, so safe travels. I’ll try to get out beyond Rockdale Run; give me a shout if you are going out and need some company, I’ve got gloves.

As we’re in the midst of the holiday buying season, it’s a good time to drop hints or conveniently have fly fishing magazines laying around opened up with circles drawn around items you “need.”

This is also a great time to purchase that first fly rod or vise for your kids to ignite the spark of a lifelong passion.

At this month’s general meeting, following our annual club elections, we’ll have members posted at stations to discuss destinations, trips, equipment, new techniques, and more. It’s a good chance to learn and get some ideas on your own.

For those that I won’t see on December 14, I wish you all a great holiday season and hope you have a great 2022. 

By Andy Mekelburg