Beginner’s Fly Tying: The Gurgler

The Gurgler

Our next Beginner Fly Tying session will be held on Tuesday, June 18. The fly pattern selected for our class that evening will be a version of the Gurgler. This is one of my favorite “popper” patterns for pursuit of smallmouth bass and panfish. Indeed the Gurgler (when tied in varied sizes) is an ideal fly pattern for pond and river fishing now that summer is upon us. (Note: The Gurgler was also an awesome pattern for me when fishing for large trout in Alaska, so if a trip to our 50th state is one of your destinations, don’t leave home without this pattern).

The Gurgler fly pattern, designed by Jack Gartside, imitates the movements of distressed prey such as baitfish, frogs, mice, and other creatures which are either aquatic by nature or happen to end up in the water. The Gurgler’s effectiveness comes from its ability to create commotion as it moves across the surface of the water.

Join our Beginner fly tying class at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, June 18, at Trinity United Methodist Church, West Patrick Street, Frederick, to tie the Gurgler. As always, we welcome those who have never tied an artificial fly to join our Beginner Fly Tying classes. Equipment and materials are provided to both newcomers* and PVFF club members.

* Our PVFF fly tying instruction has been broadened to provide monthly instruction for those who might never have tied a fly (i.e., true beginners), as well as for those who have some experience in fly tying and wish to expand their skills. If you are planning on attending and do not already have your own basic equipment for fly tying, please contact us prior to the session so that he can ensure a tying vise and tools will be available for your use.

By Don Fine